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Jan 31, 2008
Hi everybody,

I am not exactly new here (2 months old) but I did things the other way and during the mist of my confusion and anxiety, I overlooked the need for my introduction...

My name is Vincent and I run a small shop in town. We (whole family) left home at 6am and return earliest 6.30 pm 6 days a week but still need a pool for exercise (medical reason). So I set out to DIY my own pool. Started excavation 2 years ago but with constant high water bed and rain, can only pour base concrete slab 6 months later. The walls take another 6 months as the pool was constantly flooded by our 200+ rainy days a year. So I build the roof over the pool area before I could continue the plastering and tiling. Finally done mid December 2007 and fill water, soak for a week, drain the cement & grout contaminated water and refill. And I got this after less than a week.

My green water

Thus I start hunting the web for answers and I found TFP. Turned my green pool back to blue ...

44 GPM Waterfall

My Blue water

Equipment and suction tank
Waterco Aquamite 50
Waterco S600 Sand Filter
Compupool CPSC24 SWG

To prevent a repeat of my earlier problem (or even worse), I decide to master the skill of taking care of my own pool healthily. Learned about water balancing and getting TF100 to test my water. Now that I know what I have (rather what I don't have) and on the way to a balanced water, my anxiety wear off, that's when I realised that I haven't even introduce myself.

Here in the eastern part of Malaysia, there are 4 pool shops. They design, build and maintain pools as well as chemical supply but alas, typical Asian styles...."if no problem then everything is OK". They only sells Trichlor, Cal-Hypo, dry acid, ph Plus, ph Minus, Sodium Bicarbonate, soda ash, 10% liquid Chlorine and Alum, 2 way and 4 way test kit. Nothing else. One shop got a Taylor K2005 which I belief is at least 2 years old judging by the dust on it. Ask them anything else, don't know.

I have to build the roof before I can complete the plastering and tiling because of the rain. Now it comes in handy against birds dropping of ripe palm seeds (which can turn my water red), spent firework shells which fill the skies over the Chinese New Year season, and rain fill/overflow. Certainly help alot with maintenance especially with temperature of 75 - 85 F whole year round.

My apology for the long introduction as I am on the other side of your world (mostly).

So please pardon me if I ask any awkwardly stupid questions.



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Mar 29, 2007
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Vincent, thanks for giving us the whole background (and pictures!!!!!! :party: :goodjob: ) to the post's we've been following! :wink:

Congratulations on having such a nice pool :!: , given your hard work to both build it and learn how to maintain it -- you of all people deserve a Trouble Free Pool!!


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May 30, 2007
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Hi Vincent,

As 'Waste' said, Thanks for giving us the background and pics to your post that we have been following! :) You did a great job and your pool is amazing!

Ripe palm seeds, spent fireworks shells & rain over-flow? Okay, I'll try to quit complaining about leaves :roll:

Enjoy your new pool :-D


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Jan 31, 2008
Thanks all of you out there. You are the reasons why I spend so much time here. My CEO is getting jealous :lol: :lol: . Sean, I am elated by your offer. Thanks for your great site, IMHO, better than poolforum :-D .