New pool owner, weird TFTestKit results


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Jun 12, 2020
Hello, I’m a new owner of an older AG pool that I am trying to open for the season and need help with the TFTestKit results. I’d like to thank you all in advance for being part of such a helpful forum. I’m assuming I at least need to SLAM but the test results are so wonky I’m not quite sure where to start.

History: Pool was professionally closed for the winter in Connecticut (paid for by former owner). I removed the pool cover 1 week ago and added nothing. Pool turned green w/ algae. Backwashed filter and ran pump overnight last night and it’s no longer green but it is cloudy. I did all of the same tests right when I removed the cover and the results were the same.

Total Chlorine & pH tests:
Color results unreadable, see picture at end.
(Are we supposed to shake for this test or not?)

Chlorine Drop Test:
FC 0.5 ppm
CC 0.0 ppm
—-> TC = 0.5 ppm

Calcium Hardness: 30 drops R-0012 times 25 = 750 ppm
The calcium test is neon purple before adding R-0012, at which point the card says “red indicates the presence of Calcium”. It’s blue-violet after 10-15 drops and then only fully blue after 30, hard to tell the transition point. I believe this means I should drain water but wanted to double check if this alternate color means anything, especially in context of all of the other odd results.

TA: Unknown, see picture at end.
Turns hot pink when adding R-007 & R-008. Then adding lots of R-009 just fades the pink a little.

CYA: 60

Any help is greatly appreciated. Pictures:

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Welcome to TFP! :wave: You have a few things to adjust right away:
- Your water is quite hard for CT. Not sure if that's normal ofr if someone has been using lots of Cal-Hypo for chlorination. So if you wish to lower the CH, do that first by changing some water.
- Both your TA and pH appear to be extremely low. You want the pH up to about 7.2 (orange) and the TA to at least 50. For the pH, make sure you are using the R-0014 (red) drops.
--- PH can be raised in three ways: borax, soda ash, and aeration. Borax is usually the best choice. Borax raises the Ph and also raises the TA level just a little. If your TA level is low soda ash will raise both the PH and TA levels.
--- TA can also be raised with baking soda.

Use the PoolMath APP to help you with dosages. Try increasing the TA by about 40 ppm for now. Try increasing the pH by using a NOW number of 6.8 and a TARGET value of 7.5. After adding chemicals, re-test in about 30 minutes with good circulation.

- Go ahead and take a CYA test so you know what your SLAM FC level will need to be.
- Once the TA is at least 50 and pH to about 7.2, increase the FC to the proper SLAM level as noted on the FC/CYA Chart.

Don't worry about any other testing form that point on other than the FC and occasionally the CC. Let us know if you have other questions.
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