New pool owner and also new to TFP - From Atlanta, GA.


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Dec 4, 2019
Atlanta, GA
Hi everyone!

I'm new to TFP and also a new pool owner. We have been using a paid service but every month the bill keeps going higher and higher and we have also found some very suspect claims. I've decided to try maintaining my own pool and I'm thankful that I found this site, I've already found so much helpful info. One of my first jobs as a teen was helping my uncle clean pools, he had a small company in South FL back in the 90s, but sadly I don't remember a ton, so I'm hoping it will slowly come back to me.

Pool specs: Traditional kidney shape with spas flowing over a small accent wall. I believe it is 20,000 gallons but need to confirm.

Thank you and I look forward to learning more!


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Jul 7, 2014
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Welcome to TFP... A great place to learn all you need to know about pool care... :shark:

Thanks for posting your intro.. Now all you need to do is float over to one of our subject-orientated sub-forums and start asking questions..

Jim R.
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