New pool construction, new to pool maintenance and new to TFP!


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Oct 28, 2020
Santa Paula California
Hello all
i‘m a new pool/spa owner In Ventura County California and the builder is scheduled to do the plaster this Friday. I have very little experience with pool chemistry and plan (maybe foolishly) to start up and maintain the pool from the get go. Were doing a French Gray color with traditional plaster. I’ve taken a sample of my water supply to Leslie’s to test to know what to expect. If anyone has suggestions for start up I’d really appreciate it. I’m planning on bypassing the heater for the first 30 days. The builder by contract leaves all start up to the pool owner or their maintenance company. as we get closer I’m more concerned about making serious beginner mistakes.
Im glad to part of the forum.


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Jul 10, 2012
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Hi and welcome to TFP! David have you EVER come to the right place! I have a set of links I put together just for this subject! The FIRST step in starting and taking care of your pool is getting your own test kit. PLEASE do not trust the pool store. Yeah they do it for free but we have found over and over again they get it wrong and cause more trouble and costs then anything.

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Trouble Free Pool

Look in my signature below for the link to the TF-100. This is the best test kit as it has more of the regents we use most often.