new plaster

  1. D

    New pool construction, new to pool maintenance and new to TFP!

    Hello all i‘m a new pool/spa owner In Ventura County California and the builder is scheduled to do the plaster this Friday. I have very little experience with pool chemistry and plan (maybe foolishly) to start up and maintain the pool from the get go. Were doing a French Gray color with...
  2. T

    New to plaster IGP and struggling

    I've had numerous above ground pools, with no problems. Our IG plaster was filled last week. The fill water looked green and the sides are now stained light brown . The builder suggests I throw in a couple of bottles of Stain Away and a bottle of Jack's Magic*. I've done enough reading to know...
  3. D

    New plaster on renovated pool- when to refill?

    A pool company is coming in tomorrow to RE-RE-plaster a pool after doing a subpar job the first time, and after that experience, I decided I should probably avoid trusting them as much as I did the first time. After doing some research I asked that they wait six hours to start the adding water...
  4. G

    Mini Pebble Application - Too Thin?

    Hi All, I just had mini pebble installed and it looks spread a little too thin to me. The pool surface seems almost blotchy--pool not yet filled with water. See pictures. Is this normal? Thank you!
  5. elise0007

    YEAR LONG Pool Build and Cant Take It Any More! Help!

    I literally signed the contract to have my pool built a year ago- May 4th to be exact. I retrospectively understand my pool is not your simple build. There have been many concerns as a pool as small as mine should not take a year to build but I will get to the point... I was away on vacation...