new pool

  1. N

    Ladder Help!

    My parents just bought a new house with a pool so I have been helping them set up.. As you can see their deck is almost a foot above the pool! The ladder that was left with the poop is ridiculously low to get into the pool or out of.. From the bottom of the pool to the top of the entry deck...
  2. K

    New Pool - Houston area

    Signing docs today. Dig was supposed to start mid-April but I had to push it. Think we’ll start soon. I haven’t read as much on here as I should have, but I bet there will be some comments/recommendations based on other threads I’ve seen. Have at it! And thanks in advance. 1122 Perimeter Ft...
  3. Bearded Vet

    New Leisure Ultimate 35

    I just got everything finished on my new inground pool and need some guidance. Do I need to put shock since it has a salt cell? How much muriatic acid to bring my PH and Alkalinity down? It is currently at 8 and 123, respectively. Leslies said their system will not give a dosage for the...
  4. B

    Very new girl. Above ground pool

    I’m a first time pool owner. We recently bought a 27 foot round pool for our back yard. We live in South Georgia. We are excited to start this new journey of pool care and I want to do my best. Any advice is appreciated. We are about to open the pool this week we just filled it up yesterday. I...
  5. M

    Which 14x14/15x15 pool would you buy?

    I've had 2 seasons with a 14'x8' above ground pool and I realize now that it was just too small. We bought a Bestway Power Steel above ground pool: It was/is decent, the first year there was nothing but trouble with the pump, second year, bought an Intex...
  6. N

    New pool, discolored grout

    Our pool was filled a couple of weeks ago for the first time. It appears the grout is becoming discolored and darkening in areas. The pool tech said it’s normal and due to calcium. Any thoughts?
  7. D

    Filling a 9’ round dough boy from my hose and TA is 250?

    Doing a fresh fill of my pool and testing the water while it’s filling to see where I’m at. So, I’m basically testing the hose water. Most levels are about where I’d expect, but my total alkalinity tested at 250 ppm. I saw some comments on here about TA not mattering and not try to adjust it but...
  8. theYpool

    Building a pool in Austin, need advice *updated list of equipment*

    Hello all. First time posting here. We just received a quote in Austin, Texas for a 16x32 geometric pool with Spa (not included in the 16x32) for $93k (not including the deck). It's expensive to build a pool in Austin right now, but the kids aren't getting any younger (5 and 6) so here we go...
  9. C

    When do I attach/install pool cleaner?

    We just completed our in ground gunite pool with pebble interior. How long do I need to wait to attach/install pool cleaner. I have a “Poolvergnuegen Pool Cleaner” Some say one week some say 30 days.
  10. K

    2nd pool, 1st time trouble

    Headline up front: New pool, new fill, no chemicals added, water turned green, R-0870 powder will not turn pink. The full story: Our 12-year old 18-foot round pool rusted through and collapsed in September 2020 and snapped about one-half of the 1.5 inch PVC piping. Finding a new pool was...
  11. J

    feedback on new pool design / good better BEST

    We are building a beachfront home and the 40'x15' pool is the centerpiece of the backyard overlooking the ocean. We are scrimping everywhere, but we don't mind spending more money on the pool... without being stupid. Our pool contractor has designed a very basic pool and we would prefer more...
  12. M

    Hayward Maxflo 500 or Tristar VS 900

    Hey guys Pool construction is about to begin and I want any opinions on whether it makes sense to upgrade my pump. Pool size is 9000 gallons No water features 12 by 27 rectangle which pump is better and why looking for any help or suggestions as a new soon to be pool owner. Thanks all
  13. B

    Building new home and pool. Opinions on design

    I am in the early stages of building a new home with a pool. I have attached a very rough sketch of my thoughts/plans for the pool. Wanting a sports pool with no deep end. Plans for now are 4' at each end and 5' in the middle, gunite 18' x 36' with 12' x 12' offset for a sun shelf and steps...
  14. D

    New pool construction, new to pool maintenance and new to TFP!

    Hello all i‘m a new pool/spa owner In Ventura County California and the builder is scheduled to do the plaster this Friday. I have very little experience with pool chemistry and plan (maybe foolishly) to start up and maintain the pool from the get go. Were doing a French Gray color with...
  15. J

    Central Coast California Pool Build Thread

    Well guys, I've thoroughly enjoyed reading all the old posts, I've been doing a ton of research on what we might want for our backyard pool on the Central Coast of California. I've had 3 companies come out and here is the rough details and pricing: 15x32 Rectangle Pool Basic concrete coping...
  16. E

    New Pool Build in Orlando, FL

    Good Evening TFP Folks! The wife and I are building our new home here in Orlando, FL, and the plan has always been to have a pool! Unfortunately (or maybe not), the builder didn't offer a pool option during construction. We've got a few months until construction wraps up, so we're trying to...
  17. S

    CYA levels in 3 month old pool

    New Plaster pool. First season. I use trichloride tabs in a chlorinator. My Cl levels were way high at first. Got a Taylor Test kit and now have that under control. Recently tested the CYA level and was 80. I know it’s in the high level, but Is it that high? Is it possible I got it that high in...
  18. M

    New Above Ground 24x54-WHERE DO I EVEN START

    Hey guys! We just installed a brand new 24 x 54’ above ground pool. It’s already been a crazy experience. We started to fill the pool up and the seam busted and flooded our yard with 8000 gallons of water. ANYWAYS...They are installing our new liner today and one of the pool guys is here and...
  19. amybarra

    A little new to the chemicals

    HELLO! I'm new here, & new yo owning a bigger pool than ever. Lol relax its only a 15ft, one of the quick set vinyl pools. Even thought some of my friend recommended me not to get it, I still have it. Anyway to the chase, I knew nothing of the cleaning till last week when I was @ the store I...
  20. J

    Water truck filled last night now raining NOW WHAT!

    Good Day! Above found pool 16x28 oval was filled with water last night finally at 9:30 pm. Now it’s raining and rain off and all all day and week. I have a Taylor K2005 test kit. WHAT NOW! Do I test and balance while it’s raining do I try to add anything while it’s raining? I want to move fast...
  21. J

    Brand new pool install with busted pipe under concrete

    So I’m just looking for some clarification or insight if there are other things I should be worried about now or even down the road. We are getting a vinyl pool installed. Around 925sq ft salt water lagoon shape with sun shelf. Last week they came to start pump. Then muddy water started...
  22. knhm

    new pool is full... now what?

    We have an 18' x 54" above ground pool located in Stillwater, Okla. that completed it's fill this morning. The seller is an hour away and not at all responsive. I feel like we have done everything wrong from the outset. We bought the pool at a "show" last winter, paid in full, and have been...
  23. elise0007

    YEAR LONG Pool Build and Cant Take It Any More! Help!

    I literally signed the contract to have my pool built a year ago- May 4th to be exact. I retrospectively understand my pool is not your simple build. There have been many concerns as a pool as small as mine should not take a year to build but I will get to the point... I was away on vacation...
  24. E

    Overwhelmed new pool owner

    Hello! We just bought one of those Summer Waves above ground metal frame pool. It's a 16x48 and currently filling up as I type. I feel so lost as to how to get it started with chemicals. The only experience I have with water chemistry was when I kept betta fish a few years back. I'm hoping we...
  25. DanielHobley

    Quote Review for First Time Buyer in Houston, TX Area

    My family and I would like to have an in-ground pool installed at our home. We've been researching for months and, frankly, it's all a bit overwhelming. I've reached out to 8 builders for quotes and only *1* has actually made it out, provided a design, and returned a quote. The quote is not...
  26. I

    Concrete Shell Leaks Pre-Plaster?

    Hi All, New to the pool game and we have a pool that is just about ready for PebbleTec. However, I’ve noticed that the gunite shell weeps water in multiple areas. Is this concerning? My mind takes me back to leaky basements and the answer never seemed to be just seal them from the inside, so...
  27. C

    New Pebble finish stained

    Hello guys, need some help. I just got my new pool installed. It was filled with water about a week ago. Immediately after filling with water I noticed 3 problems. One was a "bare spot" on one of the steps where you can only see plaster and no pebble. The second is similar bare spots on the...