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Jan 31, 2020
Niceville, Florida

I bought a home with a pool last summer and have been reading the forums for 6 months. I am an Aerospace Engineer and have spent the last few months rebuilding my Hayward Omnilogic after a board apparently failed, and then the heater failed. This is a long story and one I will post in another separate post. As an engineer and pool owner I cannot say I am pleased with Hayward right now for their incomplete documentation, and lack of any support from their so called Hayward dealers who know nothing about Omnilogic.

I have never taken care of a pool before but I seem to have the chemistry stable now and I am using a Taylor test kit to nail all the measurements. I must have metal in my local water supply because I developed metal stains in my pool and Metal Magic did wonders. I finally have everything working well and I am waiting for the Florida sun to heat my pool. It is already 66 degrees and it is only early March. It warmed 7 degrees in the last week of warmer weather. Neighbors tell me I will be swimming in April. Nearly every home on my street has a pool so I get lots of help.



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Jul 10, 2012
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Hi almost neighbor!! Glad to have you hear! Happy to hear things have been going good for you as far as the water balance and testing! Well done on the good test kit AND using it!