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Sep 6, 2017
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Let me start by saying I’ve been a member of this site off and on for the last two years trying to learn about what to expect when I finally decided to put a pool in my backyard. I wanted a pool ever since I was a kid and finally at the age of 45 I have the ability to “do it right”. Unfortunately it’s been less than optimal and I’m stuck and I need help I’m in Phoenix Arizona

I hired a general contractor after getting six bids total cost just shy 6 figures (yes 100,000). They were the mid range quote. To be fair I am remodeling my entire backyard which is almost half an acre, the plan includes fire pit, waterfalls, the pool, acres of travertine, landscaping, sod, fake grass, sidewalks, irrigation, small “kitchen” area (multifuel grill, oven, etc) the whole 9 yards (ive never been one to do things “half-way). I hired them in mid may. It is now mid september. We are far from done,

Long story short 25000 gallon peeble pool 3.5-6.5 feet deep. Baja shelf, some seating, some waterfalls, 2 skimmers,main drain, vac port, plumbing is 2 inch after lotta fighting with them I got them to plumb each skimmer and the drain as individual items going directly to the pump if that makes sense. I have a pentair vsf 3 hp with automation, i have clean and clear cartridge filter and 120000 btu heat pump (with chiller) and a robot cleaner. I spared no expense on equipment my general opinion is buy it once get the best you can afford it will be worth it. For the most part this theory has worked in life whether it’s refrigerators central air conditioners dishwashers or cars.

Anyway here’s where we run into problems water returning to the pool essentially has two options. Option one sends water to all the Main returns which are two or 3 inches under the water standard Pool returns. Option two sends the water through the water features which include a couple waterfalls, a bubbler, etc.

Option one is a 2 inch PVC pipe that goes around the entire pool and has five openings that return the water to the pool for the life of me I can’t get my pump the flow at greater than 74 gallons a minute all the intakes are open and I think it’s because were limited by this one pipe is my assumption correct I will try to post pictures later today


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I can't think of any reason you want your pump running that fast... :scratch:

The whole point of having a VS pump is to run slow... I run most of the time at 1200 RPM and my filter pressure is only about 1 or 2 lbs...

What is it that you are trying to accomplish? What speed is your pump running and what is the filter pressure?


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