Muriatic Acid storage


Mar 1, 2019
The local pool supply store (Leslie's) has a Black Friday sale on Muriatic Acid. 50% off. $7.99 for 2 gallons of (31.45%). Since my pool seems to use a lot of acid, I would like buy enough to stock up and save money in months ahead. My question is how long can I expect to store Muriatic Acid? Is there a shelf life?

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Jul 21, 2013
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Have a safe space to store your MA. Preferably outside in a plastic bin. Make sure it is not close to any form of chlorine as their fumes do not play well together. Also keep the MA away from metal as it's fumes can cause rust.

Storing Muriatic Acid


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May 18, 2016
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Note Allen's post too! The fumes are brutal. I keep my acid in a cabinet with no other chemicals. I keep the bottle lids tight and store them in a clear plastic tote with a cover. Last week I realized that I had left the charger for a remote control boat in that cabinet. The metal on it was completely corroded - it looked like I pulled it out of the ocean.