Moving to 2" pump suction PVC and a Jandy valve - do I need to worry about PVC debris?


Jun 27, 2016
Phillipsburg, NJ
I currently have two 1.5" lines from my skimmers that tee into a 1.5" pump suction line, with a plunger style valve on one skimmer line. I'm removing the old valve, replacing with a Jandy valve, and upsizing the pump suction line (two 1.5" skimmer lines before the tee, single 2" line after the tee.) My plan was to cut below the elbows to remove the old parts. Then I thought about it and wondered about the PVC debris dropping into the vertical pipe and later getting sucked into the pump. Am I overthinking this or is it a valid concern?

Related: I'm pouring a concrete equipment pad (existing equipment setup is loose pavers), so not concerned about slight change in the suction line height.

Thanks in advance!


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