move my equipment


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Apr 15, 2018
ottawa, ontario, canada
i bought a heater this year, and want to install myself.
since I had to make a pad for the heater, i made a giant pad in lieu and plan to build a pool shed.
I'd really like to move my noisy pump into the pool shed.

my questions are: there is a copper bonding wire on the pump now that goes back to my control panel. I believe this wire is bonded to the pool frame underground.
If I move my pump, i will have to disconnect this wire, and it is not long enough to use as is, without "extending" it. Can i just splice a similar heave gauge stranded copper wire into the existing one with a nice tight twist to create a continuity bond? I am thinking yes, most because I see the heater has to be bonded too, and in that case I'd have to splice in a new wire.

also, has anyone ever moved their own stuff? i have lots of parts to do it (some jandy multi ports, lots of couplers, elbows and reducers. i am pretty comfortable with plumbing, what I am not sure about is the whole electrical bonding. i believe it is not only a ground, but has to do with ionization and corrosion of metals?

any insights appreciated. i will not be putting the heater in the shed... just the pump. and maybe the sand filter. (not sure about the latter quite yet).


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Apr 29, 2016
Quaker Hill, CT
Bonding wire is solid copper wire and should be #6 since you are in Canada. If you need to splice a new peice in use a split bolt connector. Your heater should be connected to the bonding wire as well.

2speed and variable speed pumps are much quieter.