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Aug 8, 2016
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Hello forum managers!

Late last November (2017) I put up a post in the Salt Water Chlorine Generators (SWG) section.
I was interested in designing a simple SWCG board, and control it with an Arduino microprocessor.
I received one or two very interesting responses.
For some reason this post has vanished.
I would be very interested in being able to re-see those responses.

Any chance this post can be salvaged?

Thanks in advance!



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Apr 4, 2007
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Hi Ron,

I've searched the depths of the forum and found no trace of such a post, even in the logs. No record of any post by you between this post and the 8/16 post Kim mentioned. I even looked under the couch cushions and in the junk drawer :) . We don't delete posts even in cases of rule violations, so it would have been somewhere.

I did however find a post you made on another site about that time: Logic diagram for hot tub control unit

Hope that is useful.



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May 23, 2015
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You might want to read through this thread on the technical details of SWGs especially Post #16 -

SWG - Amps Volts and bipolar cells

Modern cells only energize one set of plates while the alternate set is allowed to “float”. This greatly simplifies the electrical design of the power supply.

Also, be careful of the chemistry advice you got on that other forum, it’s totally wrong. SWGs product chlorine gas, not sodium hypochlorite. They also produce hydrogen gas. You have to be very careful of the design of the cell in order to ensure that gases cannot build up. Hydrogen/Chlorine gas mixtures are explosive and easily detonate. There are plenty of incidences in this forum and others where improperly installed and operated SWG cells have exploded.