Looking for the right metal to use for bolts into concete pool


New member
May 6, 2020
Wellington, New Zealand
1975 pool. Plaster over concrete block walls and concrete pad.
The return water is via a 50mm PVC pipe the width of the pool supported by brass brackets. (looks like they are Munsen)
I've now emptied the pool. The brass back plates (attached by two dynabolts) and rings are stuffed. All the dynabolts into the concrete rusted.
I've removed all the old dynabolts from the pool.
I need new brackets and I need to pick the right type of metal for the supporting bolts.
I'm thinking of threaded stainless steel or brass. I expect the new brackets will be brass. Kids tend to hang onto the pipe so it needs some strength.
Suggestions on backing plates, rings and something better than steel dynabolts would be great. Thanks