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Sep 18, 2012
IL, NW of Chicago
I currently have an aquabot Pool Rover Jr. for my 24' above ground pool. One of the lock nuts holding a wheel in place came off. I replaced it with a lock nut from the hardware store, but it hasn't been the same. It only easily goes in one direction, and gets worse quickly (10 minutes) as the cable starts to bend a little. I'm thinking the nut is rubbing too tightly.

Anyway, I'm looking to use the extended warranty of my Chase credit card to get it replaced. The feature adds a year to the existing 1-year warranty. Chase will just reimburse me what I paid for the original, so I can perform an upgrade at this time if I would like. I really doubt I can get anywhere nearly as good a deal. I purchased the Pool Rover Jr. through Google Express for $278 and used a $40 discount from somewhere.

One thing I have read about, but cannot find now is the difference between the mesh bag (used in Rover Jr.) and a basket used in some other lower end robots. The basket would be easier / faster to rinse out.

I would welcome your inputs and any deals you may be aware of.


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Mar 17, 2015
Cedar Falls, Iowa
I had a pool rover for the 1st 3 years, not a JR. It used 2 bags. After 2 years the started to lose the stretch on the section that goes to the ports, I always cleaned bags after use. Had to go to the ultra fine bags because the bags that came with it did not get the fine stuff very well. Also, continuously peeling the Velcro section to open bags caused the stitching to start to come off. These bags are expensive when you figure 4 of them fine and ultra fine. versions. one box style is so much better, easier to clean, and no wear to speak of. Dolphin E10 for me hands down. in the long run will be less costly and clean 90% better. I think ea bag cost around $30.00 for the Rover, plus the Rover, you had to change angle of front wheels with ea. cleaning to help get to different areas where the Dolphin its in the programming. , My Rover control cable was a stiff black style that was harder to lay flat across the water while cleaning compared to a softer blue style that very rarely gets twisted in the water. One time I had one of the Rover bags get caught in the fan motor and stopped the unit from moving, just happened to look into pool after a couple minutes and seen it, glad I did, but have no idea how it got past the plastic grid shield
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Jun 2, 2017
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+1 on the E10. It's done a great job for me, I run it about once a week and it's spotless each time after. It comes with the regular basket, good for opening the pool. After that upgrade to the ultra-fine filter for every day use