Just Opened my pool after new plaster


Aug 30, 2018
Dear all,

Here is the testing results by Leslie after the pool is opened. I already bought some stuffs from Costco. Any recommendations? I don't want my CYA increased too much. How can I keep my FC and other chemical balance? I bough Taylor testing kits last year, it is expired. Can I still use it to get a roughly index of my chemical level?




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May 3, 2014
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Return all the products from Costco. The tablets and shock both have copper in them. You do not want that. The Clorox bleach has cloromax, you do not want that.

Use your Taylor kit for CYA. FC should be OK too. You need to get fresh refills. See Complete Refill Set Taylor K-2006

Once you run your own tests, post them up. Get some liquid chlorine from Walmart, Home Depot, pool store, farm store, etc.