Intex sand filter


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May 11, 2019
Someone gave me an intex sand filter which I am using for a Coleman pool. Here are my issues

1. The small glass tube looks dirty inside. How do I clean it
2. I am getting o psi when it runs yet I can feel some pressure
3. I didn't have directions so is it possible I put in too much/too little sand?

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Welcome! :wave: I suppose some of what you are asking would dependon the specific model Intex you have now. Here is an exmaple of one manual online:

I believe the glass bulb is removable, at least on some models. I don't see it on this manual, but we can keep looking. Zero psi can be different things. Maybe the gauge is broken/damaged inside? Does it ever move at all? For the sand, we usually fill about 2/3 full, but this particular manual shows to fill about halfway. Look this manual over and compare it to what you have. Let us know if we can help. Don't forget to update your signature. :)