How to remove/close old offline chlorinator connections?


Jul 4, 2018
North NJ
The previous owners installed an offline chlorinator (Pentair Rainbow 300). I don't want to continue using the chlorinator because there is no check valve to protect the heater, and there is not enough space to easily install one.

Is there a way to remove/cap off the hose connections sticking out of the PVC for the chlorinator? Or do the pipes need to be completely replaced?

Or, should I leave the chlorinator installed and just not add pucks and leave the valve set to close?


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Mar 21, 2016
Atlanta Ga
What I did was get a piece of PVC pipe the next size in diameter. If your plumbing is 1 1/2 but 2”. Then cut a small 3” off. Then take that 3” piece and cut it down the middle. Wish a had a picture but it will fit over your pipe.
then prime and glue and install a clamp mainly to hold it while it dries.
I will look for a picture

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