How to Hook Up Pentair Intelliflo Pump with Jandy, name of cable?


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Nov 23, 2014
Temecula, CA
Bought a new house, it has an Intelliflo Variable Speed Pump attached (Actually it's missing a wire) to a Jandy I believe "Aqualink" control system. I'm fairly convinced the pool guy is pretty much clueless about the issues I'm facing. Here my questions, any help would be appreciated:

1. Where do I order the cable that hooks up the Intelliflo to the Jandy system? My research indicates it is a RS-485 yet nowhere appears to sell these. However, ebay sells this product: Is this the same thing?

2. My pool guy tells me the aqualink system cannot communicate with the Intelliflo, and gave me three options: replace the Jandy system with a newer board, replace the variable speed pump with a single speed pump. I tend to disagree with his analysis as searching these forums reveals many success stories with this setup. So my question is: Can I hook up the Intelliflo Pump to the Jandy controller?

Thanks for your help!

This pool has a waterfall, spa, waterslide, solar heat, salt system and is my first pool. I am completely lost. Thanks.