Hayward's New AquaVac 650 - Filterless Robotic Cleaner


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Jun 27, 2016
I just got the Hayward AquaVac 650. The manual does a very poor job of describing the unit. I'm guessing the bag with rubber circles are extra wheel replacements? Would be nice if they mentioned them. My old Aqua Shark spent more time upside down and on the drain and had quit cleaning the pool. I had to hard brush the pool as the AquaVac 650 was not getting the green off. It seems to be doing a good job now. I will post more as I use it as it's one day old.
They are extra rubber pieces that go on the wheels.

The 650 will not clean algy or other fine debris. You will have to clean that by hand.

Read my review or watch the video I made to see what it will and won't pick up.

The one touch canister empty is nice though.

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Oct 15, 2014
Do not waste your time with the Hayward Aquavac 650. I bought one at $1,900. Firstly, despite the marketing, with no filter the unit does not capture any fine dirt. The internal screening is too wide to capture dirt. The unit just blows the dirt back into the pool and within an hour the pool is dirty again. Second, the unit does not work as advertised. It is supposed to have a tug system that when you tug twice after the unit is dormant, it is supposed to return to the surface. The tug system does not work and after calling Hayward, they acknowledged that they knew about this but did not know when a solution fix (apparantly software) would be available. Basically Hayward released the product for sale knowing of the issue, with no resolution, and no warning to the distributors selling the pool vac. Thirdly, the instruction guide is useless and the AP is awkward which did not have connectivity through my home WIFI. Further, the software control does not even include a timer to understand how long a clean will take. The base that holds the unit is cheaply constructed. The instructions also caution against use of pool chemicals when using and not to use the unit when the pool is very dirty such as during pool openings. What is the point of a pool cleaner that does not clean the pool? I returned the unit and went back to the latest WIFI Polaris 9650IQ which is easy to use, has a proper large filter, connects to the internet, and has user friendly AP. AVOID HAYWARD!!!
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