Hayward ProLogic controller and wireless remote


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Nov 30, 2009
Hi All,

Just bought circa 2018 house with unground pool - Hayward ProLogic 4 relay controller. I want to be able to control the pool equipment from inside the house, or on the covered/protected back porch. The "match" for the 4 relay controller, is the 4 relay remote control (remote and the antenna that connects onto the electronics board (PCB) in the outside control) - either the counter or wall mount wireless controller.

1. I have a P-4, not a PS-4, right? See attached photo.
2. Can I simply add additional relays to the four (4) relay outside control system (I had another manufacturersystem like this previously) - it does not look like it to me.
3. Does the AQL-2/P-4 (P-4 Black Wireless Tabletop | Hayward Residential and Commercial Pool Products) or PS-4, allow full control of same functions as the main controller? (temperature, changing pump speeds, reprogramming on/off times, etc) All are reasons to want to have the remote control.