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Nov 10, 2021
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Hi all,

I had a new pool built with an OmniPL system almost a year ago and I only just now discovered the OmniDirect setting for the lights, after trying to find out how to get more color options and get rid of the annoying delay when switching between colors. I got my lights switched to OmniDirect mode fine, and I can see the new colors in the Omni app and the brightness + speed settings, but I'm not seeing any new shows were added. Do I need to update the firmware for those? I see that I'm on MSP 3.2.1 and MP 3.2.0. Should I just upgrade to 4.0.1 to get the over the air updates feature (which I do think is awesome)? I am an end user, and though I am really technically inclined, I'm afraid for things to go wrong and have to call my builder to reprogram the system. Is it relatively fool-proof in that as long as I make a backup of the configuration, I'd be fine?

Also, what would it take to be able to control my 4 lights independently? I have 3 in the pool and 1 in the spa, but they're all just set up as a single light in the system. Is this practical for someone like me (no experience with pool equipment, but not scared of tinkering with electronics) to figure out? I assume this involves wiring them each to their own relay or something.
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Apr 30, 2018
The addition of Omnidirect only added new colors along with the ability to dim and control the speed of shows. No new shows were added. To control each one independently, each one will need to be on a separate relay on the main panel (Expansion relays cannot be used). Which means each light will need its own transformer if they are the 12v lights.
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