has anyone used "POOLSKIM"?


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Feb 13, 2008
thanks DLO for the info. looks like I'm stuck with it at the shallow in but, it seems to be okay the wind does seem to blow more towards the deep but, hey its better than just using the 1 skimmer that wasn't doing so great.

so here is another question...did you guys just screw the pvc pipes together or did you use any pvc glue then screw them together?? one of my pipes came apart the other day and it was screwed down all the way.

I guess you could leave the hat on with the solar cover but, it may try and do some sucking action on your solar cover :) and it diffently won't be circulating any debris.

(next week we start the pool remodel...new skimmer, sand blasting, plaster, tile) :)


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Jul 15, 2007
Eastern Pennsylvania
I just screwed the sections together using the screws that came with the device. Nothing's come apart yet.

As to the hat with a solar cover, I cut a semi-circle in my solar cover around the PoolSkim and leave the hat on. I don't know how much skimming action it actually does with the cover on. I mean, I see the hat bobbing and I see it sucking water in, and I know it circulates water below the surface, but is there a lot of surface circulation with a solar cover on?