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May 11, 2018
Hi I'm new to the club ~

We are currently looking to make our 15’ x 48” pool deeper by 1-1/2 ft in the center.
Leaving a 6 inch edge of the original 48”
Any instructions, suggestions would be most helpful.

How should we go about doing this ? ?
What should be used; happy bottom or gorilla pad ? Sand ? Preformed coves?
We have purchased a new liner 48” - 52” Im not certain but I believe it to be an overlay.
Will this liner work for the depth we are looking for?

I appreciate the feedback. Hoping to get this project going over the next 2 weeks.
Thanks for the assistance

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Jun 22, 2009
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It doesn't matter whether you use sand or gorilla bottom, however the gorilla bottom won't have as much tendency to flow downhill.
The best thing to have done was to have bought an expandable liner, but since you already have a the overlap liner it will be worth giving it a try. Those liners will stretch a pretty good bit, but you may wind up with some wrinkles around the perimeter where the corner seam has to pull toward the center a little.