Getting a new pool installed, looking for electrical advice.


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Apr 8, 2020
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Hello, we are getting a new pool installed shortly. Our installer is not very nice and never returns our phone calls. I just had a question about the electrical needs, and want to know which control panel I will need. I was thinking of the EasyTough or IntelliCenter with 150amp Breaker base. But with all the options and choices I wan't sure.

We are getting the Viking Monaco 16' x 40' pool.
Heater: ULTRATEMP 120 or 140……….50AMP BREAKER / 240V
Lights: 3 pentair LED GLO-Bright


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Jul 7, 2014
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First.. DO NOT get the SuperFlo VS.. it cannot be controlled by any Pentair automation.. If you plan to get either the EasyTouch or the IntelliCenter you must use the IntelliFlo style pump..

Both the EasyTouch and the IntelliCenter use the same basic 150 amp load center..

If you plan to run the heater using a circuit breaker inside the Automation, then I'd run an 80 or 100 amp service from the house to the automaton load center. A better option, in my mind, is the run a separate 50 amp service to the heater, and separate 50 amp service to the automation.. Both will work.. Just use whatever works best for you.


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