Flexible pipe repair

Jun 21, 2016
IMG_7121.jpg Hello everyone…

I am seeking help on how to repair a flexible return line. When we bought the house a year ago this pipe was left partially exposed. Now we are about ready to open the pool after replacing the pool pump and we noticed that there is now a hairline crack in this flex line. Is this something we can just cut out and hard pipe? Is there any special coupling for a flex to hard pvc?
Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks ~A


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Jun 4, 2015
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Just regular pvc-to-pvc connector. Just cut out and replace with either rigid or flexible. No special connector for the Flex. But flexible is a tiny bit smaller so make sure to use the glue liberally for a good seal.

If your in a pinch right now for cracks like that I often use a 2-part, high pressure, Marine epoxy and then do all my cutting out on holidays. It's rated for 2000-3000 psi and generally lasts the whole pool season.

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