Filter and Pump for 10K gallon pool


New member
Jun 19, 2007
We have a Splash superpool that's 13x25 (~10K gallons) and we need a new filter and pump. I'm temporarily using a Pentair Maxim Predator II cartridge filter/pump until we get this figured out. I'm still debating sand vs. cartridge. I'm used to cartridge filters and don't mind them too much. Biggest issue with sand would be that we store the filter/pump in a shed during the winter. Not sure what to do with ~150lbs of sand.

One option would be just buy a new filter and use 3/4 hp Maxim pump from the Predator, although I'd need to add a pump basket.

Other option would be to get a new fiter and pump. I'd like to go with a 3/4 hp, but found these 2 1hp/sand filter options that I think would work for ~$350 shipped.
1. Hayward filter/pump combo S180T92S, which includes a s180t filter and a SP1592 pump.
2. Sta-Rite 18" Sand Filter and 1 HP Pump Package JSAL180D-03

Looking for feedback on the sand/cartridge choice, as well as input on the options above.