EasyTouch w/Screenlogic vs. Intellicenter


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Dec 9, 2020
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Greetings TFP Community! We built a pool in 2021 and have all Pentair Equipment. Unfortunately, due to equipment shortages we have some "temp" hardware as we wait on our contracted versions...

1. EasyTouch 8 - - Waiting on Intellicenter Upgrade
2. IC-40 - - Waiting on IC-60
3. 2x Compool Actuators - - Waiting on Intellivalves
4. Intelliflo VSF/VS Pump - Check
5. 520 Filter - Check
6. MasterTemp 400K - Check

I've held out enough funds from my PB so that I can go and source these items myself; but they're not available... And, I'm a real tech nerd, and not having any handheld automation for my pool is killing me!!

My question, would it be worthwhile to upgrade my ET8 with ScreenLogic while I wait for Intellicenter; then, when Intellicenter intalled - - sell the ScreenLogic? Or, should I just keep waiting and pushing panel buttons when I want to use my pool / spa / heater / etc...

When I call suppliers; I'm hearing it's still 3-5mos for an Intellicenter Panel... Ebay pricing is ridiculous... I've looked on this forum, and there aren't any recent posts on this [as far as I can see...] What do you all think?? Thanks, Shannon


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Jul 7, 2014
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Not sure it will help, but here is my story..

I have had an EasyTouch and ScreenLogic for over 7 years. When the IntelliCenter came out I really, really wanted one. But, when I looked at what additional features I would get, I could not justify it.

If I were building a new pool today, I'd install the IntelliCenter, but the EasyTouch will do 99% of anything you want to do.

If you install an EasyTouch with ScreenLogic, I doubt that you will remove it. :mrgreen:


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Jun 17, 2020
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