Drained my pool till cya was 40 now having a hard time getting my ph right


Sep 22, 2019
San Antonio Texas
Drained my pool 1/2 way 3 times. My cya is finally in check at 40-50. Green pool is now a pretty blue! I’m now having a hard time getting my ph lowered. My TA is 160 and I have added 2 gallons of 34.5% muratic acid over the last 3 days. It goes down and goes back up. Should I keep adding? Or is something else wrong?


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May 3, 2014
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With your elevated TA the pH will rise pretty quickly. Be sure to test your TA as that effects how much acid you need to lower pH.

Keep lowering your pH to 7.2 when it rise to above 7.6. When your TA comes down to below 100, then let pH rise to 8 prior to adding acid.


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Jan 17, 2012
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Also make sure your water features and fountains are use sparingly (yet daily) when trying to lower pH. They're often the cause of rising pH (along with that high TA)

Can you please fill out a signature line describing your pool and its equipment and features? Helps us a lot when answering questions. TIA!

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