Dolphin S300i Owners Club


Jun 24, 2018
I didn’t see a club thread, so... Just got my s300i on July 10th from Marina $949, shipping was super fast and free. The Cart was really easy to put together. I missed the rebate code registration the first two times I registered, third time was the charm. $125 rebate on the way!

I named him r2. I’ve already found out he doesn’t like thermometers on a string. I have also discovered when using the remote control you want to turn while going forward or backward. Turning from a complete stop can take a while. Love the large basket and how easy it is to clean.

Im very happy with the purchase so far. Debated getting the M series, but decided with my pool the s300i should do the trick.


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Jun 20, 2016
i have a 300i i got this season. i love it. haven't pulled out the hand vac yet this year. i brush off my steps if need by and ledges and Well-E does the rest. I think it's a solid built and functioning bot.


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Dec 23, 2017
Eldersburg, MD
I also bought one (Active 30i) this year and his name is Angel (after the Landscaper that did my pavers). I do like it, however have since discovered that I do not really need the caddy. I have also found that it is much easier to just pull the robot over to spots where you need it as oppossed to trying to drive it in with my cell phone. The only special feature that I am glad it came with is the extra filter, which I understand Marina would have swapped out for me for free on an Active 20.

Oh well, it is only money and the Angel does do a good job of cleaning the pool.


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May 23, 2014
Phila. PA
You can add me to this list of owners. I purchased an S300i from Marina's this week and got a great deal along with the rebate. I was having some plaster and re-tile work done on my pool this week so by the time the robot showed up yesterday and the pool was filled back up, there was a good bit of stuff on the bottom to be cleaned. I am moving to this cleaner from a Polaris 3900 Sport, which has done a great job over the past 4 years but my booster pump went out so I figured it was a good time to go with a robotic cleaner and not have to run the additional pump, (power, noise, etc).

First impression is that the Dolphin is a solid device. Seems well constructed and sturdy.

I LOVE the filter basket design and while it takes longer to clean it out, it does a far better job than my polaris ever did. After the first cleaning cycle which picked up a lot of the repair debris, the basket was filled with this goopy silt that was far finer than I was expecting to see. The polaris never cleaned up that well.

This model has the swivel power cord which is really helpful. The in-water power cord is a bit stiff and will curl a lot but it is long enough to not impede the operation of the cleaner.

The phone app is nice and has a good layout of the features. I drove the cleaner around a bit but I don't suspect that is something i'll use a lot.

The caddy is sturdy and good for putting it all away when needed.

I'll reserve judgement on wall cleaning until I see it operating a bit more.

All in all, I'm happy with the purchase for now. We'll see if that holds up by the end of the season.


Jun 11, 2015
Bought mine a year ago and have been very pleased with the results. Did have an issue a few months ago that it would not run, so sent in in under warranty. Ended up being an issue with the motor.


Feb 16, 2014
Missiisauga, ontario
Another proud owner here, My daughter named ours Bobby. We treat him like he's part of the family lol. I have had him for 3 years and not a single problem. Love the large basket with the fine filter, he also only climbs the first set of steps but isn't a big deal. I have always had problems with the app as well but don't use it. Overall I am extremely happy with it.