Do ANY IntelliCenter models require the separate purchase of a ScreenLogic module?


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May 14, 2020
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I am getting an IntelliCenter with my new pool build, and my pool builder is telling me that if I want to control the pool and spa equipment with my iPhone, that in addition to the IntelliCenter, I will need to purchase a ScreenLogic system. Is this correct, or is the ScreenLogic functionality already build into the IntelliCenter? The specific model IntelliCenter that I am getting is a COM-30-0973 / 521908 (which I believe is a trade grade model). Does this specific model need a ScreenLogic for iPhone control? Do ANY IntelliCenter models ever need a ScreenLogic to enable any kind of functionality at all?

Note that in the Questions section for the IntelliCenter at this link (see screenshot below), Pentair technical support personal seem to give two different and conflicting answers on this issue.

Also at that same link, the Specifications chart shows that this particular model IntelliCenter does come with an IC40 IntelliChlor cell, but that it does NOT come with an SCG transformer. Do I need to purchase a SCG transformer with this model IntelliCenter?



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No, you do not need Screenlogic with any IntelliCenter bundle. All the online functionality is bundled.

The IntelliCenter Load Center included in the salt bundle has the SWG transformer included inside. You do not need the external SWG Power Center.
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