DIY Redneck Summer Waves SFX Skimmer Basket


Jun 4, 2020
Hi all, I’m a bit of redneck by heart and enjoy making my own useful things. Especially if it can’t be bought.

I was tired of the silly strainer basket that comes with the Summer Waves SFX Pump. The passages are way to big and allow too much gunk into the Pump Strainer basket(I converted to sand filter)

This is really a prototype to see how it works,

Materials used

1- 4L square Plastic water jug you buy water in the stores with,
1- 5L Liquid Chlorine container.

So I stuck the water jug into the pump housing to see where I needed to cut it off, it worked out to be about 3 1/2” up from the bottom of the jug. I cut the top off the jug, proceeded to poke a million holes in it with a hot nail. So you’ll end up with a square bowl of sorts, in each corner I slit down probably a 1/4”, and then folded each side down to make a flange.

I then cut the side out of the chlorine jug, then I took the vacuum plate that comes with the pool, and traced the shape onto the chlorine jug part and cut it out.

I fitted both together to see how they’d fit in the pump housing and they fit pretty well.

So I took the bowl part and laid the chlorine jug part on top of the flangey part I made on the water jug. Lined it up fairly squarely, squeezed it together and stuck hot nails through both pieces of plastic to weld it together.

I then cut out the chlorine jug to the inside shape of the water jug.

The chlorine jug acts as seal like the vacuum plate or the old skimmer basket.

I didn’t do play by play pics but hopefully the end product pics will be clear enough.

I’ll see how it works out I’ve only made it this morning.