Crack in upper body of IG skimmer


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Nov 12, 2017
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It would seem to me that if the whole block of concrete surrounding the skimmer moved (which we know it must have, if it's in fact there), then the seal to the rest of the pool must be compromised. And so it may be more than just the skimmer cracks that are losing water. Which actually works to the OP's advantage, because there would then be no excuse from the PB, that would definitely be considered a crack in the shell, which is a warranty covered defect.


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May 16, 2010
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Response from the PB person I am dealing with said "This is an expansion crack with all the cold and hot heat it will cause these to crack" and they also said "I’ve even seen this happen with paver decks the pavers start to settle and put pressure on them and cause them to crack as well." They also said the skimmer is a "wearable part".

What a crock! A skimmer is not a wearable part. If it fails, there's a reason and it's not "cold and hot heat" in Florida! If the surrounding fill was not done properly, then whoever did it is at fault.
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