Covers , Leaves & Sagging Again ?


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Jun 10, 2014
Heiskell, TN
I’m not sure what to do?? Over the Winter we ‘lost’ basically all the water from pool (honestly it most likely got sucked out by pool cover pump) so now I have a basically empty pool (about 1’ of water in it) and a cover completely sunk into pool filled with water, leaves & debris. I thought if I started to fill it the cover might raise up with the water so I can clean the debris out with a lead net, not the cover is just staying where it is as the water rises.
We had similar situation last year and all the funky water ended up in pool and by the time it filled with water it was taken over by frogs ? and it took me over a month to get rid of them. I detest frogs so I can’t have this happen again.



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Jul 10, 2012
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So here is what I would try. Get something you can safely stand on and use a deep net to get out as much of the yuck as you can THEN have a couple of friends help you pull one side over to the most outside side with rope or such in the hole to try to get the cover and the rest of the yuck up and out of the pool.

The cover pump WILL suck the pool water out. The cover is not water proof :(