Cloudy Spa After Fresh Fill and 3 Uses


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Oct 13, 2021
Ohio, USA
Hey TFP, I'm, stumped by a hot tub issue.
I'm treating a Sundance Optima and have a recurring issue with some cloudiness and scum around the water line. The photos attached were taken after a fresh ill and 3 uses with just 2 bathers so I don't think it's soap or detergent.
I been cleaning out the filters twice a week (replaced them once) and have tried using 2oz of 5in1 clarifier every day which has no effect.

I just had it tested:

Free Chlorine 5.91
Total Chlorine 5.91
pH 7.4
Alk 39
Hardness 118
CYA 32

no metals

Does anyone have recommendations to clear this up and keep it that way?



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May 3, 2014
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Did you flush the tub with Ahhsome? If not, time to. Also clarifier is not a good product to use. Also looks like you are not using a very accurate testing device. Suggest you get a proper test kit -- Test Kits Compared
I suggest you read ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry.


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Jul 26, 2016
Vero Beach, Florida
Hi Tony: You definitely need to purge the plumbing and follow the directions that come with the product. It is easy enough to do. You are not saying how old the hot tub is? Have you ever purged the plumbing? Is it new or just new to you? Necessary maintenance in order to enjoy your hot tub for many years is to eliminate biofilm or slime forming microorganisms from the closed loop plumbing and jet system, typically on a 6 month cycle. Even brand new hot tubs and swim spas need purging. Please get a reliable test kit ( not test strips), The kit offered at is a bargain for what it will save you down the road. Test regularly and maintain adequate sanitizer at all times. You will not need clarifier if you do this. You need to always drain the hot tub water after a plumbing purge. No way around it Tony. This will pay you dividends. Two adults enjoying a 30 minute soak in 102-104 degree water will introduce over 2 million bacteria, particulates and who knows what into the water. This is why you need to always test with a quality test kit, use An EPA registered sanitizer to maintain adequate levels at ALL times and maintain good water chemistry where your water is balanced. Do this and you and your family will thoroughly enjoy all those serenity soaks for many years to come.