Cloudy pool? Help!


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Jun 8, 2018
First things first, what did you use to get these test results. This site does not typically make chemistry suggestions based on Pool Store testing. If you used your own kit, you should round your CYA up to 40 and follow this chart. Chlorine / CYA Chart - Trouble Free Pool
Or, you might need to SLAM - SLAM - Shock Level and Maintain - Trouble Free Pool

The truth is, we cannot tell you until you tell us more about your pool and how you came to these numbers.

How do you chlorinate your pool?
What type of pool is it?
How many gallons?
Have you been following the advise of a pool store?

These are just a few of the things we need to know before we can guide you to the right answers.

Please fill out a signature so that we won't have to ask these questions over and over. You can use mine as a guide. Also, consider reading through the ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry - Trouble Free Pool

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