closing pool in SoCal?


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Jun 18, 2015
San Diego/CA
Please correct me if I'm wrong but I understand that people go through closing procedure mainly in places where freezing temperatures exists, right?
Is there any advise for places like San Diego, where water temp goes down to around 50? Any restrictions on SWG? (Pentair IC40). Electricity is not an issue (oversized solar panels so plenty of e-power).

I read some info about SLAMing and covering pool. For me covering is not an option. SLAMing in advance sounds a bit excessive. How do you calculate how long we should run the pump?, how low/high should be your chemistry? Can you please share your winter experience if you live in warm area.
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May 3, 2014
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Pentair Intellichlor IC-40
Maintain your pool as normal during the winter. The IC40 will stop generating chlorine around 52F water temperature. Check your FC a couple times a week and add liquid chlorine as necessary to maintain the FC in target range based on FC/CYA Chart

Pump should be run enough to skim the surface and generate or mix in the chlorine required.
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Apr 10, 2018
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I don't know anyone in my area that closes for winter. My pump run times are nearly cut in half (to 5 hours) during the winter since FC demand decreases significantly. Looking back at my logs, my water temps stay above 50 degrees. You may be able to run the SWG year-round.
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