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Jul 23, 2020
Thank for all the help from this site, I got up the nerve to close my pool on my own this year. Took me a few days getting the chlorine up and hand vacuuming the bottom and waiting for the temp to hit 60, but yesterday was go time. All I have is a skimmer and three outlets. I repeated what the pool builder did last year closing and pushed the air through the skimmer and closed off the outlets after they were clear. All seemed to work well. I did pour some antifreeze in through the skimmer opening. Of course I’m a little nervous that I got the water all out and will have no leaks, but at some point, I guess you just have to trust the process. Took the plugs out of the heater and the pump, shut off the gas and electric, put the cover on and called it a day.

Thanks for a great site with good information and very helpful members!

until next year . . .

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