Chemilizer CP33


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Apr 1, 2007
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Interesting product but it has a couple of issues. (It was designed as a slurry feeder for the hog and poultry industry)

I talked with them for a little while to find out more about it. It seems to have some drawbacks that I think make it marginally applicable for pools.

1. It's lowest setting is 1 oz per hour. Anytime you set a machine at it's lowest setting accuraccy becomes an issue....I just don't know how big of an issue with this pump. Anyway, there are many pools that would require volumes less than the pump is capable during an 8-12 hour runtime so you would end up shortening the runtime to perhaps as little as 2-4 hours in a twenty-four hour period. Ideally you would want longer run times for more even application of the chlorine.

2. It "Clicks". Apparently, the noise level may be significant. Not sure if it would be noticed over the hum of the pool pump but it was the first caution he said to me before we got very far into the discussion.

3. It's volume is w-a-a-y too high for the application of muriatic acid....far simpler to apply muriatic manually than turning your pump on and off for thirty seconds.


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Aug 3, 2007
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They must think there is a rash of Pool owners calling today!

It sounded interesting but I still have yet to find a low cost, low impact solution that beats the Liquidator.

Sorry to be late to the game but there are some misconceptions here that need to be cleared up. First of all our injector (yes, I work for the company) clicks once every couple of minutes at a volume that cannot be heard over the pool pump. If the pump is not running, neither is our unit.

Second, if you have 10,000 gallon pool and your pump is operating at 20 GPM. You will turn your entire pool over in 8 hours.
If you set our unit to inject at at 3 oz. per hour of 5.25% chlorine you will be injecting just 1 PPM. Depending on sunlight, bather load, etc. you may need to inject more.

Third, people using an electronic controller with a pH sensor can use our unit in place of an electric injector for muriatic acid and recieve enhanced reliability. We don't recommend using it for pH control without a controller.

I currently use one on my pool and I am injecting 5 oz/hour of 10% chlorine. I run my pool pump for 4 hrs/day (it saves me $24 per month on my electric bill). My pool is clean and the PPM is steady at around 2 PPM. However, it is only used infrequently by my wife and I and I have a birdcage.