Calcium nodules and cracks in quartzscape pool that is 10 months old

Sep 3, 2016
sugar land, texas
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I must say i was near tears last night when i discovered several calcium nodules on the wall in the deep end of my pool off the sun deck. I didn’t know what it was and brushed it off and air bubbles came out of both. I see a lot of white spots on the pool surface which appears to be the beginning of the nodules….I have looked up a lot of info and the only solution i see is putting clear epoxy over the cracks; there are already 3 cracks. I got this surface because it was suppose to last 20-25 years. It was really a pain with all the muratic acid start up!! But anyway, we have taken care of it perfectly and the chemistry is perfect. I would hate to have to have this redone again, and the expense!!! Any ideas??? I am still under warranty if i can ge the folks but honestly, i don’t see a good solution!!! Any ideas would be appreciated!!


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Jul 21, 2013
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Was this plaster on a new pool or a replaster of an old pool?

As the link below describes, calcium nodules are a bond failure and delamination between the plaster and the underlying surface. Nothing you can do on the top of the plaster will fix that,

Only good surface preparation before the plaster is applied can prevent calcium nodules and delamination.

Calcium Nodules in pools What are calcium nodules? In swimming pools and spas, they are small mounds, bumps, deposits, or “slag” piles of calcium carbonate which are formed from material that has been released from the plaster. The small calcium nodules are rough to the touch, hard, and generally gritty. Nodules may form singularly (far apart or sporadically), or many and close together along a crack in the plaster surface.

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