Bleach In Short Supply


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Sep 9, 2007
High Point, N.C.
I want to bring my pool to SLAM level before I close. But the last time I checked, bleach was still in short supply here due to COVID-19. Can I use one pound bags of shock to do this? Do you recommend any other alternates to replace bleach? Thanks!


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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
Depending on how high your CYA level is you can of course use the one pound bags of shock. If your CYA is already too high I would not.

Same with HypoCalcium type shocks- If your calcium is high, avoid them.

Pool Stores often sell "Liquid Shock" which is nothing more than usually stronger bleach-- that's ideal.



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May 27, 2014
Late season, I usually must switch from the stronger and cheaper liquid chlorine ten percent @ $2.99/ gallon to regular store bleach that used to cost about $3.29, six percent 121 oz (7 ounces shy of a gallon) for the last couple of months of the season. This happens where I live, because a fresh supply of LC becomes unavailable locally near my home. But this year, regular bleach is $4 for tiny jugs. My CH was at 30, so I purchased and have been using cal hypo this late Summer and Fall. It's a pain premixing and there is some fall out of leftovers on the pool floor, but since chlorine demand is only currently 1/4 of what it was in July, it's not been too bad. You must, however, use the calculator and realize how much CH you're adding using cal hypo, and as long as you have a plan to stay within the limits, you can use any form. My CYA is now below 30, so I could use trichlor or dichlor at this point, but be advised, trichlor may create downward pressure on pH compared to other sources of chlorine. Dichlor has the advantage of dissolving very quickly and I've never needed to premix to use it; but like was stated, you need your starting point on cya, and account for how much you're adding with each dose.