Black tar like stains in copper pool


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May 22, 2017

This is copper ion pool and TCCA was used with it. U of a sudden tar like stains showed up and from pipe lines. It is sticky and greasy. What can be the cause for this?8e7fdd9e-63cd-4ac9-a117-570f38e05aca.jpgbe9f0eaf-fd27-4e3e-b540-effc66f2a29f.jpg

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I can understand the dark staining from copper. I suspect your copper levels in the water have increased over time and reacted with the TCCA (,trichloroisocyanuric acid). But I don't know why a sticky/greasy substance would be coming up from the drain. Do you know what your pool plumbing is made of? Is it all PVC material? Any other chemicals added to the pool water besides TCCA, or acid perhaps?

Maybe @Donldson or @JamesW might have additional thoughts?