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Feb 11, 2018
Moggill/ Australia
Hello from Australia.
So, my wife and i bought our house over 10 years ago and have since had 2 kids born here. We have an inground pool that is massive and old. After some research I've decided to create a bio pool or natural pool. I've dug the sides fir the filter beds and now its time to think about the main pool. It is currently, im pretty sure, concrete and plaster which is chalking up a fair bit. It used to be a salt pool but our rain and temperatures made it a pain to keep up. Hence the change. My main question at this stage is " what should i paint it with given that irs going to be a freshwater pool?"



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Jul 10, 2012
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We are a place to care for your pool using chlorine as seen here:

TFPC for Beginners

We don't do the "natural" type of pools. If you do a search you will find some threads covering this. Use the white box at the top of the page.



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May 23, 2015
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As Kim said, this not a forum for natural swimming pools (NSPs) as they require a level of expertise that no one here has. They have very strict requirements for regeneration zone size and drainage versus pool volume. I suggest you contact a local builder in your area to see how to properly construct an NSP.

Also, most NSPs are constructed with an EPDM rubber liner to help retard algae growth in the pool and make it easier to dislodge and sweep away. A concrete surface would be bad for an NSP as it will allow algae to attach and grow making it harder to remove.


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Jul 7, 2014
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Welcome to TFP.. A great place to find answers to almost everything but Natural pool questions... :shark:

Rain and temperature should really have very little effect on a Saltwater pool. I suspect that any problems with your pool were related to a misunderstanding on how saltwater pools should be maintained much more than the weather..

I hope your project works well for you, but if you ever decide to convert back to a sanitized pool, just let us know and we will get you pointed in the right direction.

Thanks for posting,

Jim R.


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Jul 16, 2012
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I agree with Jim and to follow-up... You aren't too late to reconsider and just re-plaster that beauty (seriously I love it!) and maintain it super easy using the common sense methods here, using a SWCG or bleach. Folks everywhere will have success with our very solid science approach. Our US sunbelt and desert areas match Australia (at least the occupied areas) for sun/heat, so no worries there.

Natural pools are clearly something that people find appropriate for them in many areas. I'd just want to be sure you are making the change away from chlorine for the correct reasons and not based on incorrect assumptions. But we always respect the choices that pool owners make.