Arenson Pool Sweep?????What is this?


Jun 8, 2010
Central WA
Recently moved to a house with a pool and trying to figure everything out.

I have an old Arneson Pool sweep pump in the pump house. The intake and outflow pipes (I think) are cut and I can see some cut pipes cemented in the floor. I assume that the pipes from the pump were, at one time, connected to the pipes in the ground. There is also a little nozzle that protrudes from the side of the pool. I've never used it for anything but as a visual marker to help with the water level (probably not its intended purpose).

Anyhow, what does a pool sweep do? I've looked on this forum and googled, but can't find any picture/video of it in action. Is it worthwhile? If not, is there resale value to the pump?



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May 7, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
Wow, that is an old piece of equipment. They stopped making replacement parts over ten years ago. You can see a picture of the sweep here. It "walked" around the pool blowing debris towards the drain.

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