Aquacal heatwave Icebreaker turns off?


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Aug 31, 2019
Phoenix, AZ
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Hello TFP!

I have an Aquacal heatwave Icebreaker 5302b heat pump for the pool. I haven't gotten it to work the entire year I've been at this house and I'm hoping to get it working so I can extend this season.

The issue is that simple, when I turn it on and it starts heating (or cooling) everything seems to work fine. I go and check the returns, yep I can tell the heat pump is running and producing heated/cooled water. However after about a min or so the heat pump just turns off. I think the unit is pretty old, and it doesn't have any type of display, so no error codes to look at. There is a light on the unit that turns on when there is enough water flow and it's on the entire time.

So I'm about to call a tech to come check it out, and I also saw on another thread I can call Aquacal service line and see what they say. So my question here is, what I can do before I call any technician to fix the issue?

Thanks TFP!


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