heat pump

  1. S

    Electrical Requirements for heat pump

    I was hoping to get some advice on the electrical requirements for a heat pump for our new Intex pool. Pentair 1.5hp VS pump - 20amp 230V 50K btu heat pump - 20amp 230V 2 Led lights Dophin pool cleaner with DC motor. I was planning on installing a 60amp sub panel for everything and running...
  2. R

    Upgrading old equipment

    I'm planning to upgrade some of my older pool equipment this spring, looking for some feedback to see if i'm on the right path or if better options are available. Location: Central Indiana Use: We swim daily and like warmer water 78-82f. Pool Size: 18-38 oval inground, 4ft shallow to 10ft deep...
  3. M

    Looking for advice for heat pump

    Hi, I bought a house 3 years ago and it has an above ground pool. This Spring I am considering adding a heat pump to warm the water more and extend the season a little. I have been trying to research, but a lot of the info I find is outdated and I can't find certain brands/models that were...
  4. T

    Gas Heater vs. Heat Pump

    HI! We are getting ready to build our first inground pool. We live in South Jersey. We have been talking to pool companies and getting estimates/ideas. The Pool Store is encouraging us to get a gas heater. Jersey Pools is encouraging us to get a heat pump. We don't know what advice to...
  5. E

    Solar Thermal vs Photovoltaic + Heat Pump - averaged over whole year (California / Bay Area)

    Our Southern facing roof is covered in photovoltaic panels for household electricity and the Northern roof is covered in solar thermal panels for the pool. Even though the thermal panels are on the north side, the roof gets enough sun to keep the pool warm for about 1/2 the year (shallow pitch...
  6. L

    Heat pump troubles

    Hi everyone, I have a Hayward heat pump, model HP21002. It came with the home and pool, which I recently bought. At the time of purchase, the heat pump was not plumbed in; the sellers said it worked, although they said lots of things that were not true (and which I knew at the time probably...
  7. N

    Can I plumb a heat pump before hooking up electrical?

    We have a plumber who can come out Saturday to plumb the heat pump (RayPak 8345ti) but the electrician might not be able to make it in time. Does it matter if it's plumbed before it has power?
  8. Cwiggs

    Aquacal heatwave Icebreaker turns off?

    Hello TFP! I have an Aquacal heatwave Icebreaker 5302b heat pump for the pool. I haven't gotten it to work the entire year I've been at this house and I'm hoping to get it working so I can extend this season. The issue is that simple, when I turn it on and it starts heating (or cooling)...
  9. P

    Intellicenter Heat Pump Automation

    Hello all! I recently had an AquaCal SQ225 Heat pump installed... I asked the installer about connecting it to my Intellicenter and he didn't know if it could be done. The instructions reference the EasyTouch and IntelliTouch, so I assume it can work with the IntelliCenter too. I attempted to...
  10. K

    VSF Schedule w/ Heat Pump and SWG

    Hi Everyone, After a month of work I finally have my pool clean and I just ordered the water test kit recommended from TFP. Now I'm on the boards seeking support for maintaining the pool and have some specific questions. This year we bought all new equipment and had the following installed...
  11. P

    Aqualink can no long start the Ultratemp 120 after replacing swith panel and bezel

    Aqualink RS and an Ultratemp 120 Opened for the season and everything was running fine. Could initiate the heater and have it run with no issues from both the panel in service mode and remotely in auto mode. Realized the up arrow on the Ultratemp was broken so I ordered a just new switch panel...
  12. Conky64

    Does a heat pump work in the San Diego area?

    Hello Everyone -- We live in San Marcos, CA (approximately 35 miles north of San Diego) and want to extend our pool season a few more months (start April 1st/end Nov 30). Our pool is currently heated only using solar panels/solar cover, but I am considering installing a secondary heat source...
  13. N

    Oasis heat pump efficient to 40*?

    The Oasis Platinum heat pump claims to be efficient to 40*. Does anyone have one of these heat pumps? Is this just marketing BS? I've requested more info but would love to hear from an owner.
  14. H

    How to set heat pump

    I don’t know how to set the heat on the heat pump. Which buttons to press or hold for programming. It’s probably a pretty old heat pump but it works. I can’t find a manual online. Any help would be great. Thanks
  15. J

    Fast&Tite is Gushing!

    Hi All...I grew up as a pool builder's daughter so my hubby has decided I'm the one who handles everything related to our pool since my dad isn't alive anymore. My heat pump is acting up and every company in Maryland is so busy opening in ground pools right now no one will make service calls...
  16. J

    Heat pump showing low pressure

    I had a new Rheem heat pump installed about 2 months ago. Before that, I replaced my single-speed pump with a variable-speed, which I mostly left with the default settings (couple hours high speed, 10 hours low speed, couple more or so at mid-speed). After installing the heat pump, I adjusted...