1. Cwiggs

    Aquacal heatwave Icebreaker turns off?

    Hello TFP! I have an Aquacal heatwave Icebreaker 5302b heat pump for the pool. I haven't gotten it to work the entire year I've been at this house and I'm hoping to get it working so I can extend this season. The issue is that simple, when I turn it on and it starts heating (or cooling)...
  2. N

    Bypassing Hayward Heater

    Hi All, I have a pool with a Hayward H250 Ed2 heater. It seems the heat exchanger (which I replaced only 3 years ago) is leaking again. I have a couple of questions. 1)If the heater is leaking when the pump is running but the heater is off, does that mean the internal bypass is broken, or is it...
  3. T

    What size heater?

    I have a 24’ round pool in Michigan. We’re looking to get a heater and are between the Raypak 156 and 206. I don’t plan on running it constantly, just a few hours on the mornings I know we will swim and water is cold. Does anyone have experience with either? Obviously the 206 is a more expensive...
  4. A

    Pentair Mastertemp fails after it rains

    Hi all, I know this has been discussed in past, but I don't see a resolution in any of the previous posts. My 6 year old Pentair MasterTemp 400HD does not heat after it rains. Blower turns on, heater kicks on and starts working but then shuts off after a few seconds. It then does this 2 more...
  5. T

    Raypak RP2100 Error Code IGK

    Im getting an error code on Screen and cant find what it means. Any help on how to reset or fix is appreciated
  6. socal_pooluser

    Pentair Sta Rite heater issue

    I have an older Sta Rite heater.. has worked great the last 7 years. Now, when I turn on the heater, it turns on, shows the current water temp on the LED, the blower comes on but it does not light. It continues for about 30 seconds and then shuts itself off. I thought it might be the igniter so...
  7. joshscott84

    Jacuzzi J-H127C Heater automation/remote control

    I'm looking for a way to automate and/or remotely control my Jacuzzi J-H127C heater. I will preface with I have already emailed Jacuzzi support but am still waiting to hear back. I did not find any info in the product user manual nor searching the interwebs. What I have found though is a line...
  8. TVGREEN23

    Raypak 206A Millivolt Trouble Shooting

    New to the Forum but not completely new to pools. Lucky enough to grow up with one in my backyard and Pops had me working on it young. Now that I have moved back into my childhood home with my fiance, I am trying to knock off the dust a bit lol. Im good with cleaning the pumps and filters but...
  9. S

    Jandy LXi heater - get initial ignition, comes up to temperature, but won't re-light to maintain temp.

    Hey folks! Hoping to get some clues as to what's up with an older Jandy LXi heater that's not working consistently. Been in my house for about 5 years - pool and equipment came with the house, and was clearly a few years old at that point. Heater outdoors, but in a covered area so it's not...
  10. P

    HL2 Code on Raypak r206a

    Hey guys, this season I've been getting an HL2 code on my Raypak 206a heater. I'm aware that this is because the outlet temperature is exceeding 135 degrees Fahrenheit. This happens regardless of the rpm that I set variable speed pump to. However I will note a high pitch squealing sound once the...
  11. S

    Pentair Easy Touch remote won't control the heater temperature

    Hi! We have an inground pool and spa. We have a Pentair Easy Touch system with the Easy Touch 8 circuit remote control. Here's my problem: The remote and the system won't control the Pentair heater's temperature. For example, if we set the spa temperature to 100F on our remote and turn the...
  12. A

    Heater Replacement - Salt Water Pool (several BIG questions)

    Hi All, My first post, so I want to start out by thanking this forum for it's help! I tried to find answers, but my questions seems semi-specific. Here goes; I have a in ground 18,000 salt water pool. Its 8 years old and the MasterTemp 400 heater is starting to leak. I'm a certain it's salt...
  13. 27kimbrown

    Pool Heater Above Ground Salt Water pool

    #1 Hi, Been doing some research and we are looking to add a POOL HEATER to our pool we have- we live in Nebraska and have cool spring and Cool fall weather we are looking to extended the seasons This is our pool • 15'x30'x54" Saltwater LX Resin Oval Pool above ground pool AquaPro 190 SQ. FT...
  14. S

    Hayward H250FDN heater not igniting!

    Hi Guys, I opened my pool for this season last week. Today, I tried to turn the heater on to get ready for the weekend but guess what, the heater did not turn on. I am getting an 'IF' error code on the panel. When I try to turn it on, I hear clicking sounds but I don't feel it is burning the...
  15. D

    Just opened pool but heater won't start

    Hi, My Pentair Mastertemp 400 goes through its electronic startup routine and then reports a HLS error (and service heater led). My water is circulating normally, my chlorine generator is saying that it is working but the heater stops as quickly as it starts without lighting or blowing. I...
  16. A

    Intex Krystal Clear Filter Output Seems Low

    Hi All, hope all is well, finally got round to setting up my pool in the garden and setting up my pump, a question the pressure is around 5 on green but seems to be running slow? ive done back washing etc, and it seems to run faster on recirculate ive looked at the sound levle all ok, and...
  17. J

    Hayward Gas Heater Issue

    My Hayward H250FD gas heater was working perfectly until all of the sudden there was a strong smell of gas. Trying to get it going and it goes through the motions as normal trying to start but just won’t. It’s not giving me any error codes and the service light isn’t on. I’ve only been in...
  18. JohnA902

    Stupid Electric Heater Question

    I think I know the answer to this but hey it’s worth you guys calming me down. I have a Hayward electric heater for my pool. I opened today. Water is 55F. ICE. I turned heater on just to make sure it was working. Gave it about 20 min. Put my hand over the return jet and didnt feel any...
  19. C

    Filter strainer issue

    just noticed this afternoon that my pool wasn’t circulating. When I went to the equipment I saw that the pump was on, but water wasn’t Moving through the filter strainer. I also noticed that the heater has a “clean filter strainer” message on it. I opened up the strainer and a couple...
  20. danthedieselman75

    Adding heater to small inground pool

    Hi, I have a small in ground pool ... maybe 12-14k gallons. It was built a long time ago and we have no idea how old it is. But I suspect it is quite old. It has one skimmer and two returns on a 1.5" pipe. The pool equipment is very far from the pool, thanks to someone in the past having...
  21. D

    Heater Plumbing suggestions

    Hi All, Just ordered a new heater to add into my existing system. A Raypak 336k unit. While waiting for the shipping of the heater, I'm trying to brainstorm the best way to plumb it. The heater will sit next to the existing chlorinator where the gas line is as well. Any suggestions?
  22. Mermaid Mama

    SWG & Gas heater that will work on temp & long term pool?

    Hello everyone! Hoping for your advice on the pool we just ordered for the summer with grim possibility of not having community pools for summer. We have plans on building a nice gunite pool by next summer so don't want to buy anything unnecessary twice like heater or SWG. Temporary Pool...
  23. J

    MiniMax NT Replacement with Mastertemp 400

    I'm preparing to replace a 20 year old MiniMax NT with a Mastertemp 400. I bought the Mastertemp, which was delivered yesterday, with the intention of replacing it myself as I've replaced pumps and filters, etc. in the past. Yesterday after looking at the gas connection to my existing heater...
  24. JoyfulNoise

    MasterTemp 400 Failure To Ignite Issue - SOLVED

    I wanted to document this on the forum threads since this issue got diagnosed and solved via PM. First, let me give total credit to our esteemed forum expert @JamesW for helping me to diagnose, test and fix this heater issue. James' help saved me from calling in a "pool service" guy and...
  25. N

    Pentair MiniMax Plus 400 Heater cuts On/Off

    Hello, I have a Pentair Minimax Plus 400 heater. When I turn it on to heat the pool or spa it'll turn on for about 5-10 min then shut off for 15 min or so then turn back on for another 5-10 min then shut off again and it does this over and over. When it shuts off all lights will be on except the...
  26. A

    Hayward H400 Problems

    Hello, Ive read every post on this site and more trying to get my heater working and hopefully someone has the answer here.... so here is the events 1. heater worked flawlessly for years 2. heater stops working , continually blows f2 fuse on power board once blower motor fires up 3. replace...
  27. P

    Paypack Pool Heater -Plasticy/Burning smell when operating

    Hi need your guys help please. I have been noticing a very potent smell from the pool heater when it is heating, which I originally thought was gas but the more I smell it the more it smells like some burning plastic or something like that... The original symptoms before the smell got bad was...
  28. gatorson

    Raypak 406a hi limit 1

    Hi, I'm receiving a hi limit 1 error after the water temperature hits about 95 degrees F. The unit door gets pretty warm to the touch. I recently replaced the unitherm governer but not the bypass. I believe the hi limit is working properly considering the unit itself is becoming warm...
  29. D

    Dual Pool Heaters Pool Build: Plumbing, Pump and Cartridge

    I am a newbie to the forum stuck in the middle of a pool build with some significant concerns regarding future circulation and heating. We have a gunnite shell in the back lot with the stub plumbing (and most of the long plumbing in place). This cannot be altered easily without very significant...
  30. N

    Oasis heat pump efficient to 40*?

    The Oasis Platinum heat pump claims to be efficient to 40*. Does anyone have one of these heat pumps? Is this just marketing BS? I've requested more info but would love to hear from an owner.