1. S

    Issue with a Mastertemp 250 temperature reading. Have already replaced all sensors, still stumped.

    I have already replaced all sensors and the thermistor twice, so its not those. So the problem is when the heater is not running the temperature of the actual spa and the heater unit are the same(working). As soon as the heater begins running, the spa temperature will begin rising and the...
  2. caleyjag

    Looking for recommendations for heater replacement for Pentair Minimax NT

    Bought our house a couple of years ago and have been running the pool unheated since then. This is manageable in summer here in SoCal but going into the winter it's time to do something about it. The existing pool heater is not in a functional state (see attached pic below). It is a Pentair...
  3. egiblock

    Little tickle (electric) and heater /pump groundign

    The other day I reached in the water and felt a little tickle, wasn’t much so I investigated more and found that the gas line into the pool heater had the same thing. Obviously it’s a grounding problem somewhere, and I haven’t had it plugged in since l noticed it. I know it’s somewhere in the...
  4. K

    Hayward 350FDN IF code

    I have a Hayward 350FDN, it was working earlier this year and now gives the IF error. I had our gas company come out and bump up our supply from the meter and replaced the flame sensor. Still get the error. I can see through the sight glass the igniter turn red and flame for a short time (3-5...
  5. I

    Heater Recommendation

    After getting our 27' Round Optimum up and running this summer, we would now like to invest in a propane heater. Our local stores carry Pentair heaters, but we have heard that larger Raypak is the way to go. If we do get a Raypak, is there a recommendation for a reputable online vendor?
  6. B

    Hayward H400 Heater Control Issues

    Our pool was installed around 2007 and still has the original Hayward H400 heater. We had the original Jandy board recently replaced with the Zodiac iAqualink. The iAqualink system is great, and the heater does a good job at heating water, but the issue is the communication and/or relay between...
  7. Cwiggs

    AquaCal fitting for hose that goes to pressure switch

    Hello TFP! I have an AquaCal heat pump that has never worked in the 2 years I've owned the house/pool. This weekend it started leaking and I don't have a bypass installed. It looks like there is a fitting in the "in" side of the PVC that goes to the pressure switch. That fitting is what...
  8. K

    Raypak RP2100 Intermittent Issue

    Hello, My heater is hit and miss this season. Beginning of the season was fine. Last few weeks, when I call for heat, it occasionally stops basically immediately and throws on the Service and Pressure/High Limit red lights. Never tries to light. Cycling just the power to the heater doesn't...
  9. egiblock

    Hayward H100ID turns on but doesn't fire

    I picked up a Hayward H100ID Natural Gas heater and finally got around to hooking it up. It turns on and the exhaust fan spins, but no clicking from the ignitor or firing going on... slowly troubleshooting the connections, any recommendations on what to look at first? I've gone as far as...
  10. B

    Pentair Mastertemp 400 Reverts to Low Temperatures When Activated

    I am having an issue with my Pentair Mastertemp 400 heater. When I turn on the spa or pool from my phone using Pentair ScreenLogic, or I turn it on manually from the Pentair Easytouch Control System, the heater takes a long time cycling through its startup process and then does not fire up the...
  11. R

    Heater Whistling Noise

    Raypak 156A propane heater for above ground pool with ioniz, 3 years old. Recently and fairly suddenly the heater has developed a high pitched whistling while it’s running. I have tried many troubleshooting options and really don’t want to remove the burner tray if I don’t have to. Here’s what...
  12. M

    Sta Rite heater mouse damage--repairable?

    Mice did a number on the wires on my Pentair Sta Rite Max-E-Therm 400. Called a few pool services and my electrician--all recommend that I replace the heater. I found Pentair 42001-0104S heater wiring harness replacement kit. Can this be re-wired by a non-professional? (I found YouTube video...
  13. F

    Hayward hp21104t flashing LP error code

    The issue started this season. My Hayward hp21104t would flip the circuit breaker after running for a few hours. Now it's throwing a LP (Low Pressure) error and won't start at all. Based on my limited knowledge and research, this error is related to refrigerant but can really be thrown because...
  14. D

    Raypak digital heater 266

    Hi there, my heater (Raypak 266) started malfunctioning; basically it lights up, runs fine for 2-5 minutes, then shuts down, the ignitor kicks in - and here is the strange thing, the burners do not light up but on the control screen it shows flame is fine. If I turn off (using the button), and...
  15. JB2021

    How to connect Raypak 200k gas heater to Bestway 16' AG pool???

    Hello everyone, I have been doing a ton of searching and haven't found any clear direction on attaching a Gas heater to a soft sided pool. Like a lot of people I bought my first pool to see how things go which is a Bestway 16' AGP. My son won't go in without it being warm so to ensure we are...
  16. D

    Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm 333 - Knocking Sound-> Shut Off

    Hello All, I've been reading through posts, and want to thank everyone who is helping guys like me out! It's a real pleasure to find a helpful forum. I have a Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm 333 Pool/Spa heater which came with the house I purchased in 2019. The heater ran fine all last summer (spa...
  17. A

    SWG Heater requirements

    Hi all, Looking to switch to SWG and will be replacing my 35 year old heater. (Just bought the house). Anyhow, looking at the Pentair master temp 400 and was wondering if the Salt is a reason to upgrade to the HD version (cupro nickel). It would cost $800 more net. (SoCal gas has a $400 rebate...
  18. T

    Best tool to clean heat exchanger

    Just fired up the heater [Hayward H400ED2] for the first time this season and boy did it make a racket! Pipes were bouncing around and it sounded like an animal was stuck inside trying to get out. Poking around on the internet, it seems like it's likely the thermocouple valve. The heater is...
  19. O

    Any feedback on Solar Air Heater to heat the pool?

    I am considering building a solar air heater to heat my swimming pool water. The warm air would be circulated in the heating system instead of pool water. Potential benefits could be: - No issues of water damage like a solar water heater - Low weight compared to water heaters - Does not have...
  20. G

    Flakes/Scale Buildup in Heat Exchanger

    Hello, I continue to struggle with flakes/scale buildup in my heat exchanger (I posted in 2018 on this). Last spring I had to ream scale out of my heat exchanger in order to restore flow. I also set up controls so the heater starts a half hour after the pump is running and shuts off a half...
  21. S

    Jandy LT - hose from air flow switch

    I replaced the fan motor on my Jandy LT heater circa 2007 with the same model circa 2013. The new model does not have the hose connector for the air flow switch. On newer models where does the hose connect? I can drill and tap a place to put in a fitting but wanted to ask first.
  22. B

    Jandy JXi 400N Not Igniting - Help

    I opened my pool two weeks ago. At the time, I was able to fire up the heater and it ran for about 20 minutes before mysteriously shutting down. I decided to troubleshoot this on my own which may have been my first mistake :) I used the troubleshooting guide in the "Workbook JXi Pool & Spa...
  23. L

    Internal bypass valve Hayward H250

    Hello Everyone, Just discovered this site after converting to a SWG. Had the pool installed 14 years ago and had a real good run as far as everything holding up. Only issues were a Pump motor, 3 sets of pump seals and a heater digital control membrane (all of which I was able to DIY). Got 14...
  24. S

    Replacing Laars Lite 325K with Raypak 366K

    I have a 36x18 inground pool with a 21 yr old heater that worked great for most of that time. I'm replacing the Laars Lite 325K nat gas pool heater with a Raypak 266k or 336k nat gas heater. The Laars 325k and Raypak 366k are basically the same size with plumbing and most connections the same...
  25. J

    Old Rheem Gas Heater Good or Bad?

    I have an older Rheem Gas Heater (Model No. P-M337-A-EN-C) and was wondering if it's in good enough condition to use safely. I took everything apart as best I could and it appears the wires are in good condition (not chewed or ripped). I did see some Gekos in there but I believe they're gone now...
  26. Exlonghorn

    Jandi LXi 400K CHK IGN FAULT (Ignition lockout - three flashes on Fenwal)

    Here's the sequence: With Pump and Heater on... Blower turns on Pre-purge completes Hot surface igniter glows (visually confirmed) Gas valve clicks (but didn't measure with meter) Trial for ignition Burners ignite (can see them and feel the heat blowing out the top vents) After about 5-7...
  27. S

    Heater tripping breaker

    I had a mastertemp 400 that would turn on, blower would turn on, would blow cold air, the. Cycle 3 times and give a service heater light. I flipped over panel, no error codes. Opened front panel and fenwal has no light. Changed fenwal and it was blinking 3 times, ignition issue. Checked igniter...
  28. N

    Heater Questions from a noob

    Hey guys, I inherited a pool when I bought a house last fall, and the set up includes a Raypak Heater (Model 156). I just have a few (probably stupid) questions. 1) During my summer start up, should I try to isolate the heater from the system? My pH is likely going to be low on start-up and I...
  29. O

    Has anyone tried a solar water heater in western Washington state?

    Has anyone tried a solar water heater in western Washington state? I am considering FAFCO solar bear 4 x 20. Any recommendations? Thank you.
  30. RaleighDawg

    Winter Insulating Cover

    So i we have just about made it through our first winter. My wife swims every morning. and i mean every morning. she was out there in snow storms, ice storms and temperatures in the teens. We keep the pool at 83 and she warms it up to 85 about an hour or two before going out to swim and let’s it...