Anyone in Atlanta with Pebble Sheen?


Feb 19, 2020
Forney, TX
We are in building process and would love to come see any colors you have. We are thinking about the various "blue" shades.

I’m not in Atlanta but here is my experience w/ the product.

1. Having spent the majority of my life on islands in the Pacific I really wanted to replicate that clear blue water look and was told by my builder that the really light color plaster was the way to for that. To that end I would say he was correct BUT....

2. The downside is that the “white” reveals the most inconsistencies (kinda like a wet spot on dry walk that never goes away)

3. We have a recurring problem where rust like spots start to emanate from something in either the aggregate of the pebble sheen or the upgraded sparkles. Maybe 1-3 spots once a month or so. They are easily removed by rubbing w a vitamin C tab but the white makes them more obvious AND why are we dealing w that I. The first place? Very frustrating.

If I had it to do over again I probably would’ve gone w the light Grey.