Alexa pool control on a shoestring budget

Rattus Suffocatus

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Jun 5, 2019
Corona de Tucson, AZ
Interesting. I had not seen this even though I have my pool light on a TP-Link Kasa wifi switch. I am glad that it is not just my wi-fi Kasa Switch that needed to be in a plastic box and not in the panel (the Lexan sheet does the same sort of job). When I read this I also thought a 110V switch controlling a 220V "Contactor" relay would potentially be a better idea than a 220V switch. So yes, that is definitely an option for those of us trying to limit too many different cloud accounts in the home control. Cool. I like it. I also use a 110V timer switch from Amazon to turn off the SWCG when my VSP is not running (half hour after on, half hour off before) rather than using the Intermatic timer in the box, which remains disconnected.