AGP pool cleaner what will work with my pool?


Jun 16, 2010
hey guys i'm not sure which AGP cleaner will work for me. After searching I thought the pool rover JR would work BUT i have a 33' pool and the cord is only 40 feet so i don't think i will be able to clean the whole pool with it. any recommendations for an 33' AGP (i will update my sig soon but i have a 2.0 hp pump and 25,000 gallons)


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Apr 4, 2009
Welcome to TFP...I'm biased with the pool rover jr...I love mine. Kind of like Ron Pompiel (sp?) and the showtime rotisserie "Just set it and forget it" :lol: You could always run it for two cycles...once on one side of the pool the other cycle on the other side

Given you bought a small pond :shock: , might I suggest something that will work with your vacum hose...never tried it myself but many here like the "Diver Dave", "Aqua Bug", "Wanda the Whale" all made by hayward and are a suction side cleaner...those work well for the money...otherwise you can explore polaris for a suction side cleaner.

I remember seeing a 33ft when we were shopping for our pool...I would have felt comfortable lauching my dad's 21ft boston whaler in that'll love it! Hope this info helps!


Jun 16, 2010
yes it is a little bigger than i expected honestly. My parents have a 24 ft. AGP and when i was searching with my wife I got a killer deal on the 33 and thought it wouldn't be THAT much bigger boy was I WRONG! 4 or 5 days into filling it and still going......


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Aug 3, 2009
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Wow..another 33ft pool owner! cool. I have one as well. So...don't ya like how much the prices jump from a 24ft to a 33ft pool for just about everything?? ha ha ha. Ah well.

Anyway..just thought I'd let you in on the way I keep my pool clean. I orginally bought a Robo says up to a 30ft pool, but I got it anyway..and this thing cleaned my pool amazingly well..I was super happy with it. Until something happened to the drive motor and now the thing only moves back and forth about 4 feet at a's out of I didn't want to fix I bought a Irobot Verro 300 next..I've had it for about a month now...I am selling it on ebay...the thing just doesn't clean like the Robo Kleen did. So now I have it narrowed down to HOPEFULLY my last pool cleaner. I am going to either get a Pool Rover or the Poolvernoogen "the pool cleaner" 4 wheel suction side cleaner. Not sure which way I am going to go yet..but it will be one of those two.

Hope that helps

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