A few Qs about Blowing out pipes for winter with a cartridge filter


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Aug 26, 2018
i have a few questions about how to blow out pool pipes for winter. I have a 35k gallon vinyl liner pool, solid safety cover, a cartridge filter and live in TN (Mild winters) where temps might get into the 20s for a couple weeks.

in the past, I have not lowered the pool water (Local pool companies advise this because of the mild winters and solid pool cover) and I hook a air compressor to the drain plug hole of the pump. One at a time, I open one the Skimmer valve and wait for air bubbles to come out then I plug it with a gizmo skimmer plug, never shutting off the compressor. Next I do the return lines, wait until air bubbles come out then plug with a rubber plug. Finally I move to the main drain and when air bubbles come out I close the main drain valve to trap air in the line.

this year I have replaced my sand filter with a cartridge filter. So my questions are related to blowing out the line with a sand filter compared to blowing out lines with a cartridge filter.

1. Can I use the same procedure to blow out the lines?
2. do I need to remove the filters before attempting to blow out the lines? To avoid damage to the filters?
3. After blowing out lines and cleaning filters. Is it ok the store the filters in the housing if it might get below freezing?

any other advise would be appreciated!

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Welcome to TFP! :wave: I hate to see your post sit for too long as I suspect you're trying to get things wrapped-up over there. As for your questions:
1 - I don't see why not as long as the air you are pushing can be directed to the applicable line the way you want (i.e. skimmer, jets).
2 - It's not high-pressure air, but I probably would just in case
3 - The paper carts should be fine in the cold.

By hey, I don't close here in south Texas. Let's see if @ajw22 or @Catanzaro are online to confirm. Good luck!


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Jul 30, 2014
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The procedure is the same and I would remove the cartridge filters, clean them, and possibly even store them inside. Whether you put them back in the filter after you close, is not big deal as they should dry pretty quickly. Thanks!
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Jun 16, 2019
Whether you put them back in the filter after you close, is not big deal as they should dry pretty quickly. Thanks!
My cartridges are big and take over a week to fully dry. I also have to flip them every day or so because the top half starts to dry out at the expense of the bottom half. I usually give them a few days in the yard and then move them into the garage once they are mostly dry to finish because it’s rare by me to go the whole time without it raining. Once they are dry they go back in the filter. Storing the filter inside or leaving it outside is a personal preference.


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Aug 15, 2017
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1. yes
2. Remove the cartridge. This is a good time to clean it.
3. You can store it back in the filter once dry
Would like to add that I agree that's a good time to clean but.... Don't put it back untill it's stark dry otherwise they start to grow mold. So let it dry completely and then it can be overwinterd in the filter.